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We now have free Range Chicken

We are now raising Free Range Chicken . We are growing out Freedom Ranger chickens a French breed of chicken for the free range grower.

Free Range Eggs

Pastured Eggs are considered by top experts to be one of the all time best SuperFoods. Easy to get at almost any farmers market, pastured eggs are an inexpensive way to add a lot of nourishment to your family’s meal. Pastured Eggs vs Supermarket Eggs (There’s a REALLY big difference) Eggs from hens raised on [...]

CSA Box Program

Exciting things are happening at Jack-O-Lantern Farm to make it easier  for  you to eat fresh and local. Starting in May we will be offering Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) boxes. CSA boxes will be available once  week for $25.00. Each box will be approximately a 1/2 bushel box filled with an assortment of 5-7 fresh colorful vegetables and fruits. [...]

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